Friday, September 24, 2010

Goodbye London Calling! Hello London Rocks! SDSU in the UK, Summer 2011

Today, September 24, 2010, this blog, formerly "London Calling" becomes "London Rocks" with a new logo, mission, focus, attitude and goal. This will be the syllabus, homepage, guide, etc for LONDON ROCKS, a study abroad initiative of the College of Arts and Letters, the Master of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences, and the Department of English and Comparative Literature. While the actual syllabus for the class is not yet finished, you can get a true sense of what it will be like to study visual culture/anthropology/film/lit with me in the UK by peeking at the old Summer 2009 syllabus here; the day to day calendar of our ultra-rad field trips is here.

Watch this space for news and more! In the meantime, print out this ad, opposite, and pass it to friends or just direct them to our facebook group page!

We have another info page as well--visit that by hitting the image below:

Goodbye to 2009!

Everything that appears below this posting pertains to the Summer 2009 experience in London!